The New Tesla Model Y as a Seven-Seater – Now Also at INSTADRIVE!

Tesla has been delivering the Model Y in the USA for almost a year now. Initially, the crossover was only available in the Long Range AWD and…

Tesla has been delivering the Model Y in the USA for almost a year now. Initially, the crossover was only available in the Long Range AWD and Performance variants. Now a variant with a lower battery capacity is to follow at a lower entry price. In addition, the third row of seats can now also be configured, making the Model Y a seven-seater like its big brother from the luxury class, the Model X.

This would make the Model Y one of currently very few electric vehicles in the mid-price segment that can seat up to seven people, making it suitable for large families. In the past, there has always been wild speculation about the space and legroom in row three. Now there are first pictures of the Model Y, which show the available space more clearly, and we would like to give you our assessment of what can comfortably fit in the new Tesla’s third row of seats.

At first glance, the third row seems relatively cramped. Although the seat width seems to be sufficient for taller passengers, the legroom seems extremely tight, and the headroom is not likely to be too generous either due to the sloping rear.

But now, for the first time, there are pictures of how the comfort in the third row of seats in the Tesla Model Y actually looks:

As far as legroom is concerned, passengers in row 3 may indeed have to accept some compromises. Judging by the picture, adults can also use the rearmost row of seats for shorter journeys, but for long journeys the comfort is not comparable with the space offered by the larger and more expensive Model X.

Also, due to the roof sloping down towards the rear, the third row of the Tesla Model Y seems to be suitable only for people with a maximum body height of 1.71m, as determined by initial tests, otherwise the head will touch the roof.

Since the smallest children tend to be seated in the third row, especially in larger families, it is also important for many people to know how the Model Y fares with child seats. Here, too, we already have the first pictures available:

A child seat does not seem to be a problem and can be accommodated in row 3 without any problems. If you take a closer look at the width of the child seat, you will notice that it protrudes a little into the left seat above the central cup holders. This would mean that there would not be enough room for a second child seat. However, a narrower booster seat for older children would still have enough space, allowing all seven seats of the Tesla Model Y to be used.

In practice, however, the Model Y’s space should be completely sufficient in most situations and, except for large families, should only be necessary relatively rarely.

At INSTADRIVE you can already configure the Tesla Model Y, both as a five-seater and as a seven-seater and receive your non-binding offer.

On our product page of the Tesla Model Y, you can also find out more about the different equipment, the dimensions, and all relevant technical details.

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